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A successful evening demands not only delicious food but also exquisite wine.

Our wine list includes around 2000 positions from all over the world. The focus is on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Burgundy, as well as champagne, Rieslings from Germany, natural wines from Styria, Pinot Noir from Germany, Blaufränkisch from Austria, as well as red wines from Italy, from the Rhône, Bordeaux and Spain and sweet wines from Germany.

When selecting our wines, we pay attention to the winemaker, the terroir and the vintage. You will find a nice selection of all wines with vintage depth.

The storage and maturation of our wines takes place in the air-conditioned wine cellar with natural stone floor under best conditions. Wines with the designation a. A. are only available on request, as we are only allocated these in minimal quantities - please ask us for prices. We ask for your understanding that we are not allowed to give you some already opened wine bottles to take home with you due to the risk of counterfeiting. It is natural that wines older than 10 years are subject to taste fluctuations. They are therefore excluded from complaints. Our team is at your disposal for all your wishes with advice & action.

We wish you an enjoyable stay with us.

Andi Neumayr


About Johannas at Hotel Neumayr
"A very unlikely candidate for this list: a small and simple family-owned hotel. But, the son Andi Neumayr in the kitchen is a huge wine freak and spends his entire days looking on websites for interesting things to buy. The food is comforting Bavarian-style dishes with a lot of handmade ingredients – if you get venison, he probably shot it himself ..." read more

Dear guests, please note that we have updated our wine list twice a year, so many bottles have probably already been drunk. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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